April 20, 2012
Anson Officials and Jones County Officials make their presence
known at the Texas Board of Criminal Justice Friday April 20, 2012
April 19, 2012
5th Escape from the Southeast Texas Transition facility, a
Privately ran Geo Group Facility contacted with TDCJ
November 18, 2008
Huntsville Area Warden Under Investigation for Allegedly
Allowing Inmates to Place Phone Calls and Use the Internet
October 27, 2008
Political Support for TDCJ Pay Raises May Rest on One Man
October 15, 2008
Texas Department of Criminal Justice Under Statewide
Lockdown for Smuggled Cell Phone on Death Row
September 9, 2008
Inmate Escapes from Springfellow Unit Rec Yard
August 27, 2008
2008 Study to Texas Legislative Interm Committee
July 24, 2008
Inmate Murdered at the TDCJ Clements Unit
May 22, 2008
TDCJ Violence increases as staffing decreases
Feb 1, 2008
Charges Imminent in TDCJ Industries Fraud Case
Jan 30, 2008
TDCJ Prison Labor a Factor in Major Plant Shut Down
Jan 24, 2008
Texas Senate Panel Concludes Staff Shortages Blamed
for Death of Inmate
Jan 23, 2008
Governor Rick Perry Warned About Texas Prison Crisis
Jan 22, 2008
TDCJ Officer stops escape
Jan 13, 2008
Staffing a problem or crisis??? (Austin Statesman)
Dec 08, 2007
Former TDCJ Director hired by Geo Group (Private Prison)
Oct 29, 2007
Dallas Morning News reports assaults on TDCJ officer and
staff have doubled in the last 5 years!!!!!!!
Oct 12, 2007
Candle light vigil held for Officer Susan Canfield
Sept 29, 2007
Candle light vigil to be held for Officer Canfield
Aug 30, 2007
Kay Bailey Hutchison opposes collective bargaining
July 19, 2007
Officer dies after working forced overtime
July 18, 2007
TDCJ officer assist San Jacinto deputy
July 17, 2007
Governor Perry Vetos Officer Tuition Bill
July 16, 2007
ACLU Sues Private Hutto Jail Over Abuse