Below is the Candle Across Texas.  This candle was first lit to honor
Officer Daniel Nagle in 1999 after he was murdered at the McConnell Unit
in Beeville.  The candle toured the state from unit to unit.  Once again
this candle will sadly tour the state before ending up in Austin in 2009.
The pictures on this page were take during the candle light vigil
held for Susan Canfield on October 10,2007.  
His daycare center and a
number of Huntsville schools
were under lockdown during
the escape on September 24,
2007.  Officer Canfield will be
remembered as a hero for her
attempt to stop the escape.  

Only a few hundred feet away
from where the inmates
escaped is a city park and
baseball field, where kids
play.  Susan Canfield died
trying to protect the kids and
community she worked in.