On September 24, 2007 Officer Susan Canfield lose her life
attempting to stop an escape of two violent offenders at the Wynn
Unit, in Huntsville, Texas.  A Candlelight vigil will be held to honor
this hero October 10, 2007 starting 7:30 PM at the Texas Prison
Museum located at 491 Hwy 75 N, Huntsville, Texas.

We are deeply saddened about the death of Officer Canfield.  She
was highly regarded officer by her peers and considered a fine
person with a smile always on her face.  She gave her life protecting
her community and keeping Texas safe.  These correctional officers
work a tough dangerous job, and they do it well, even though
embarrassingly under paid, (47th in the Nation).  They are proud
none the less, and work as professionals in a environment few dare
to enter.  We as the organization that fights for state correctional
employees, will continue to work to make this state give these
employees dignity and professional respect.  We won't forget Officer
Susan Canfield.

Press Contact Person: Brian E. Olsen
Correctional Employee Council / AFSCME
936.661.4610 or 936.295.5265

Texas Prison Museum Map
491 Highway 75 N, Huntsville, Texas 77320