Rest on One Man

Huntsville, Texas

Staff Reporter

Community leaders and TDCJ registered voters are encouraged to contact
Texas Senator Steve Ogden to express their concerns for the TDCJ budget
proposal, which includes the 20% pay increase for Texas Correctional

On October 22, 2008 Senator Whitmire the Chair of the Texas Senate Criminal
Justice Committee held a hearing in Austin to address internal problems in
TDCJ, after the Senator received a cell phone call from a death row inmate
Richard Lee Tabler.  A TDCJ Correctional Officer reportedly smuggled in the
cell phone to Tabler for $2,100.  During the hearing low pay and professional
standards were cited as one of the reasons for the incident.  Senator Whitmire
stated TDCJ Correctional Officers need standards similar to those of the
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education

Senator Whitmire ordered TDCJ officials to beef up security of their prisons or
he could find someone who could.  TDCJ Inspector General John Moriarty
cited lack of prosecution and penalties as one of the reasons for the high
number of incidents.  On an interesting note in California it is a misdemeanor
to smuggle in contraband and there are fewer convictions in California than in
Texas.  In Texas introduction of contraband into a prison is a felony.  The
solution to the corruption is clear, increase pay in order to increase hiring
standards such as background checks and psychological evaluations.

AFSCME the AFL-CIO organization that represents TDCJ Correctional Officers
is asking people to support TDCJ’s budget proposal which includes a 20% pay
increase for correctional officers.  This budget may rest in one man’s hands
Senator Steve Ogden (R) College Station.

Registered voters are encouraged to contact Senator Steve Ogden’s office to
advise him they wish for him to support the TDCJ budget and 20% correctional
pay raise.  Senator Ogden may be contacted at:

 The Honorable Steve Ogden
 P.O. Box 12068
 Capitol Station
 Austin, Texas 78711
 (512) 463-0105
 (512) 463-5713 (fax)
 [email protected]
 Website:  (email form)

On November 26, 2004 in Bell County, Tabler and
codefendant drove up next to a vehicle driven by two
men of foreign nationality.  Tabler shot one of the
men once in the head and the other twice in the
neck with a .45 Ruger, fatally wounding one of the
victims. The suspects allegedly video taped the last
shot fired.  

Tabler has a previous conviction out of California
for escape, assault on a public servant, and
burglary of habitation.