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Work Is Not Worth Dying Over
Right now the State of Texas has the ability and means to stop any
more deaths and illnesses created by extreme heat conditions in
Texas prisons, but they won't.  
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has chosen climate control
for their hog barns before their own employees.  Employees are
subjected to extreme temperatures over 100 Degrees Fahrenheit,
wearing Kevlar thrust vest, which offer no air circulation.  Employees on
many prison units work over 12 hours a day, in extremely hot conditions.
Exposure to extreme temperatures can increase blood pressure as the
body attempts to cool down, which can result in heart attacks, stroke,
and high blood pressure.  
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has responded to the
extreme heat conditions by installing large box fans on many prison
units, instead of climate control.  The large fan motors create additional
workplace hazards due to a single fan having a noise level of over 81
decibels.  With no sound insulation in Texas prisons, the noise levels
can rise to over 85 decibels, which can result in permanent hearing
loss.  Employees are unable to hear vital calls for help and even aid
their own coworker, due to excessive noise from fans that only circulate
hot air.
  Please take time and register your voice against unsafe workplace
Any adverse action  taken by the agency against
employees for reporting unsafe conditions will be viewed as
retaliation and AFSCME will seek the maximum penalty allowed
for any unlawful retaliatory conduct.
1.  Please describe your relationship or position with
the Texas Department of Criminal Justice?
2.  Please indentify your full name and address
3.  Please identify the prison location(s) of assigment
where you were exposed to excessive heat
4.  List all medications and medical problems that you
have that include diabetes, heart problems, high blood
pressure, hypertension, depression, anxiety, over
weight, and any medications you currently take.
5.  List any factors that would help us bring action
against the state and resolve this issue.
i.e. Correctional officer, contractor, family member of employee, ect
Your first name:
Your last name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Mailing Address:
Zip code:
i.e.  Ellis Unit working as CO on cell blocks form 1990-2001, or currently
working on the Darrington Unit as CO.
By submitting, I authorize AFSCME to share this information with attorneys, parties, and interest
involved in any legal actions or complaints.  I authorize attorneys, parties, and interest
involved in these complaints to contact me in the future.