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Texas Correctional Employees
Death or severe injury can occur WITH EXTREME HEAT EXPOSURE.  With
temperatures of 86 or above dangerous levels of heat can occur for humans.  
Prisons have high humidity levels due to use of showers, sinks, toilets, laundry,
boilers, and kitchens.
Diabetics:  Sweating is an important means of cooling the body in hot weather, and the
ability to sweat can be affected in some people with
diabetes.   Studies have shown an
increase in emergency room visits, in those who have diabetes, when temperatures are
high. (1)

High Blood Pressure:  About 20 percent of Americans take blood pressure medication,
and the high heat and humidity can make them especially susceptible to the dangers of
excessive heat.  Persons on blood pressure medication can become even more
overheated than the average person. Blood pressure medication inhibits the body's
functions in terms of the heart and blood pressure receptors, and their bodies cannot
sweat as efficiently in the humidity. (2)  

Heat Sensitive Medications:  Certain medications. Some medications place you at a
greater risk of heatstroke and other heat-related conditions because they affect your
body's ability to stay hydrated and respond to heat. Be especially careful in hot weather if
you take medications that narrow your blood vessels (vasoconstrictors), regulate your
blood pressure by blocking adrenaline (beta blockers), rid your body of sodium and water
(diuretics), or reduce psychiatric symptoms (antidepressants or antipsychotics).
Stimulants for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and illegal stimulants such as
amphetamines and cocaine also make you more vulnerable to heatstroke. (3)

Genetic response to heat stress. The way your body responds to heat is partly
determined by inherited traits. Your genes may play a vital role in determining how your
body will respond in extremely hot conditions. (3)

elderly, and obese people have a higher risk of developing heat illness. (4)

According to the Mayo Clinic: "Fans may
make you feel better, but in sustained hot
air conditioning is the most
effective way to cool down and lower

(3) Source:

 Don't let your job kill you!!!!!
TDCJ's inactions may result in your illness or death.
FEDERAL LAW REQUIRES reasonable accommodations under the
conditions.  Thousand of TDCJ employees suffer from illnesses where
heat can lead to their death.  Air conditioning is a reasonable
accommodation to stop the unnecessary death or illness of any more

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