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November 21, 2008

TDCJ Senior Warden is Under Investigation

Huntsville, Texas

Staff Reporter

Tonight a Senior Texas Department of Criminal Justice Warden remains under investigation for allegedly allowing TDCJ inmates to use a state prison telephone and Internet at a Huntsville area prison unit inmate peddling shop.  This action comes after TDCJ employees are forced to undergo strict pat down searches after a death row inmate called State Senator John Whitmire (D)Houston, in another incident.

A TDCJ inmate peddling shop was allegedly being used to make spurs, saddles, and belt buckles which were being sold openly over the Internet.   In Texas under the Texas Government Code Sec. 497.010 a person commits an offense if the person intentionally sells or offers to sell on the open market in this state an article or product the person knows was manufactured in whole or in part by an inmate of the department or an inmate in any correctional facility or reformatory institution in this state or in any other state, other than an inmate.  Inmates at the unit in question were allegedly allowed to place phone calls from a craft shop telephone and had access to the Internet using a craft shop computer.  

KRIV Channel 26 Houston Fox News Investigates is reporting tonight that a TDCJ inmate was running a custom craft business over the Internet.

The inmate had two website posted on the Internet and  Both websites have been removed. advertised the following:

Phillip Fraley is a master craftsman that can design and build
custom buckles, belts, badges, key chains and more in a
multitude of shapes and styles.  The items you see on this site
are just a small sample of the many designs he has created.  

Some of our clients include the Texas Rangers, George W.
Bush, Secret Service, and the U. S. Marshall's Office.  Rodeo
Event Buckles are our specialty.  We enjoy the opportunity to
work closely with our clients during the design and building of
their work to ensure it will be everything they dreamed it could

No job is too big or too small.  We are happy to discuss ideas
and answer any questions you may have.  

Call (409.457.XXXX) or email us today.

                                         (Copy from

Phillip David Fraley is more than just a craftsman, but a convicted felony serving 35 years for aggravated sexual assault of a child and 20 years for escape out of San Jacinto County.  Due to the website being removed by unknown persons, below are prints of the web pages on one of Fraley's pages advertising his book.


































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